Creators of AssetLock
Our firm developed AssetLock with one purpose in mind. We wanted to help prevent the devastating effects of a 2008 market crash scenario. Because we are the creators of this monitoring technology, there is no additional cost for AssetLock when accessed through Jenkins Wealth, as it is automatically built-in to every single one of our portfolios.

Downside Protections
Jenkins Wealth acknowledges the fact that without some form of downside protection, it is highly improbable that an investor will remain emotionally disciplined. For this reason, each of our Smart, Simple & Powerful portfolios are enabled with a built-in safeguard to help protect against market downturns. This is known as AssetLock. One of the most valuable features of AssetLock is its ability to calculate your value every day the stock markets are open, and to capture your High Water Mark Value (the highest value your account has ever reached). As your account value moves up, your AssetLock Value (the targeted minimum account value) moves up with it, never going down due to stock market fluctuation. This AssetLock Value helps to create a mutually agreed upon targeted stopping point, should the account decrease by a specified percentage. This unique feature makes it possible to help protect profits. By fostering the discipline needed to remain in the market, except at only the most dangerous moments, a client increases their ability to capture market bull runs without suffering seemingly insurmountable financial setbacks, such as those seen in 2008.

Intelligent Asset Allocation
Research shows that asset allocation can be one of the most important factors to influence an overall portfolio. In our opinion, more than 90% of a portfolio’s success is determined by asset allocation. Therefore, it is crucial as to how a portfolio is constructed, and when it is rebalanced, in order to achieve optimal success. Our investment portfolios take into account both short-term downside risk and potential long-term upside. Your money is too important to invest without an intelligent asset allocation that takes into account all factors and the potential outcomes that may be presented.

Monitoring and Rebalancing
We review and monitor the investments selected inside the portfolios on a daily and monthly basis according to our investment discipline. Changes to the asset classes are executed when market conditions, coupled with our research, dictate. When it is advantageous, a portfolio will be rebalanced, keeping focus on asset class risk.

Total Liquidity
Life’s unpredictability demands flexibility. Our portfolios are free from contracts, or the use of investment selections that would restrict or limit the ability for a client to request their funds. This type of portfolio construction is what permits access to your money in the event of unexpected financial obligations, real-time emergencies or just the desire to access your money. Clients’ accounts are held at Charles Schwab.

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