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Each week we host a radio show called, “The Brad Jenkins Show – Making Sense of Making Money”. In addition to providing great financial content each week for listeners, we have had the privilege to interview famous artists, such as Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire, and many others. Click on the play buttons below to listen to the clips from those interviews.

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Brad Jenkins has recently been interviewed by the following publications listed below. They have been sought after for their opinions and comments on specific topics for the industry. Click the download buttons below to read the different articles.

“Guaranteed Returns Can Be Costly In Retirement”
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“5 Signs That Your Investments Are Too Risky”
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Financial Advisor IQ
“With Clients, Partway is Better Than No Way at All”
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“Help New Clients Document Their Investment Goals”
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“Five Reasons to Consider Investing in ETFs Instead of Mutual Funds”
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“Understanding and Minimizing Fund Fees”
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The Wall Street Journal
“Wealth Adviser Business-Owning Clients Need Your Smart Advice”
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BREAK IT. 5 Rules Every Investor Must Break

BREAK IT. 5 Rules Every Investor Must Break

“You can’t control your investment outcome.”
“You can beat the market.”
“High risk means high return.”
“Control your emotions.”

Does any of this sound familiar?

BREAK IT was written with the sole purpose to bring light to these industry rules that have so often been pressed upon investors. By carefully examining commonly accepted rules that cause serious investment mistakes, this book offers priceless advice for crafting a long-term profitable portfolio. Drawing on fields as diverse as economics, psychology and neuroscience, BREAK IT provides a thorough analysis and practical advice grounded in the latest research.

Whether you have been investing for decades or don’t know where to start, BREAK IT will help equip you with the additional careful research and more investment knowledge you need to help secure a financially stable future for yourself and your family.

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